Incredible Breakthroughs Galore at the 7-Day Antano and Harini Breakthrough Challenge

Legacy Accelerators, Antano & Harini successfully completed the 7-Day A&H Breakthrough Challenge. The Never-Before, Free Breakthrough Challenge by A&H was designed to produce up to 1000 personal breakthroughs. More than 500 people, including medical and healthcare professionals, business owners, aspiring entrepreneurs, corporate professionals, and home-makers participated in this 7-Day long festivities of personal breakthroughs in multiple contexts of life: Health, Business, Wellness, Family, and Legacy outcomes.


With the Free A&H Breakthrough challenge, Antano & Harini have continued to show their commitment to leveraging their proprietary innovation, Excellence Installations Technology, in helping India and the world recover from the stressful times. In the past 2 years, the world has been through a lot, with the COVID, the lockdown, and the war. In these unprecedented times, Antano & Harini have continued to support the country with Free Critical Support, Free COVID Support, and an Economy Booster program: Close the Deal Like A Pro, to help aspirants close the most important deals of their life and accelerate their financial breakthroughs.


A&H Breakthrough Challenge follows suit, packing the power of Excellence Installation in helping the world experience up to 1000 breakthroughs amidst these challenging times.


Within the 7-Days, participants experienced countless shifts in their mindset, emotions, states of mind and more. From overcoming anxiety, beginning to sleep peacefully, successfully completing projects that they were procrastinating on for years, to clocking in more sales and evolving relationships with family members, the 7-Day A&H Breakthrough Challenge turned into a festivities of personal transformations.


Commenting on the A&H Breakthrough Challenge, Antano Solar John, CEO & Co-founder of Antano & Harini said, “The 7-Day A&H Breakthrough Challenge was our way of giving back to the society and having a celebration. We recently covered a first significant milestone towards creating 1 million Excellence Installations Specialists across the globe and raising funds worth USD 150 million. At Antano & Harini, we believe that a revolution is coming in the field of personal evolution, which will make it stand at par with the advancements in other fields such as medical science, IT, travel, aviation and more. The predictive intelligence of excellence installations to design and fast-track personal evolution will make evolving excellence a birthright for everyone.”


Elucidating upon the same thought, Harini Ramachandran, Co-creator of Excellence Installation Technology, said, “It is a delight to think of the possibilities when evolving excellence becomes a birthright for everyone. Through excellence installations, we have created a reliable and rock-solid way for people to design and Fastrack their personal evolution. While most of our programs are one-on-one, the A&H Breakthrough Challenge was our way to welcome the masses and help them experience the power of “excellence installations led personal breakthroughs”. We are determined to take excellence installations to the masses and help driven people experience superior time compression and acceleration towards integrated life outcomes: business, health, family, and LEGACY, all together, simultaneously.”


Excellence Installation is the scientific approach to designing and creating changes in a person at an autonomous level. This enables and equips them to naturally incorporate the new behaviours, traits, and mindsets, into their everyday life. What’s incredible is that these changes or outcomes happen as a natural result of the excellence installations, without calling for daily rituals or having to try to think or behave differently.


Commenting on their experience of the A&H Breakthrough Challenge, a participant commented, “I am a fashion designer and own a store in Mumbai. My sales had drastically fallen down for the entire 45 Days from March onwards. Today I made thumping sales. Thank you, to the entire team of the A&H Breakthrough Challenge. This selfless act can be done only by this organization.”


Another participant shared, “I took the A&H Breakthrough Challenge and felt the change. It was nothing short of a miracle. All my life, I have struggled with many things such as procrastination, negative thinking, depression, etc. The A&H method seems to be the magic key that can break down traits, habits, behaviours one might have that are counter-productive, self-sabotaging and stops one from attaining what they desire. I would further like to pursue other programs to become a change agent for my family, friends, employees, and most importantly, my countrymen because I am from a poor country (Nepal), where people really have counter-productive habits and beliefs that hold them back.”


Antano and Harini founded the trillion-dollar Excellence Installations industry to alter the course of human history. Their game-changing technology gives people access to powerful ways to accelerate their personal evolution. With 50,000+ unique and scientifically-validated breakthroughs, ‘Antano & Harini’ is the World’s Largest One-on-One Mentoring Platform, assisting people in launching their legacy in 2-3 years rather than 10-15-20 years.

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